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We are always looking for more moderators to help keeping the server a nice place. The server uses a ticket system in which the players can create tickets, and moderators can respond to these tickets from all servers. Often this is about hackers in one of the PVP servers, in which case you go to the server and use various custom tools to inspect the suspect.

Developers are requested so that we can expand on our original content. One of the three leaders (NLThijs48) is the developer of the server currently, and manages all custom plugins. He is a professional developer with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science (with a Masters degree to come). We expect a solid understanding of the basics of Java, so that we have something to build on. Everything you already know besides that of course is a positive thing, but we are also willing to teach you that.

Message us if you need any more information, join our TeamSpeak ( to get to know us, or fill in the staff application if you think you are up for the job.
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