We have just added 4 new maps to Kit-PVP! For the next few weeks only these new maps will be active, after which we probably enable the others again as well. Let us know what you think about the new maps!

Sandstorm by Hyper_Sam

End Of Time by boulderofrealms

Frostwalker by boulderofrealms

Abandoned City by ___Zero____

PS: All kits have shields now to defend yourself better!

The resource nether has been changed to use same epic terrain as the Factions nether. Let us know if anything does not work!

PS: you can still join with 1.8 or higher, for if you don't want the parrots in 1.12 ;)

And there it is. Our own Ark Survival Evolved server.
Its now open for everyone who whant's to play Ark and who wants to know if they will survive the island Ragnarok.... Build your own fortres and tame dino's to become the biggest of all.

Want to know more about what Ark Survival Evolved is? 
Buy now before they come with the official game: 

Server information:

  • Name: [EU PVPE] Go-Craft Ark
  • Slots: 100
  • Map: Ragnarok


  • Wooden Hanging Bridge
  • Resource Stacks
  • Awesome Teleporter
  • Death Helper
  • A Better Raft
  • Corrected Structures (No Collision Check)
  • Wyvern Nest Plus
  • Ark Double Doors
  • Small Gates
  • Castle, Keeps and Fort Medieval Architecture
    And more to come if requested..........

Join link by Steam:steam://connect/
Server IP:
Vote Link: 

A new month has started, so the top 10 have been reset, the players below had the most votes last month! New chances of getting into the Top 10 for all players :D
Top 10 of June 2017
Rank:     Name: Score:     Reward:
1 ___Zero___ 223 €1000 ingame money + V.I.P Rank 
2 Jamal7868 163 €1200 ingame money
3 Mine__girl 132 €800 ingame money
4 HyDaven 120 €200 ingame money
5 nicolasalencar 100 €200 ingame money
6 meldajujuba 90 €200 ingame money
7 rocky_01 87 €200 ingame money
8 P3doB3ar1999 71 €200 ingame money
9 ItsYoshiii 62 €200 ingame money
10 sarah 60 €200 ingame money
Contact one of the [Admin] players on the server to claim your reward (stroudje, NLThijs48 ,MrBiggBoss). Claimed rewards will be crossed.

You can now use all new features and blocks of 1.12 on the Creative server. Don't want to use a 1.12 client? You can still join with any older client if it is 1.8.8 or higher.

Now that Creative is updated we have confidence in updating the other servers, so expect more updates soon!

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